Weight Loss Support Programme

Have you tried various diets without success?  Do you feel that managing your weight is a constant battle to keep in check?  Would you like to know more about making the right healthy eating choices?

The Weight Loss Management Programme with HH Fitness offers the support and common sense approach to weight loss and guidance on following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

You will received the HH Fitness Eat & Drink Well, Notebook and Diary, which includes information on portion sizes and requirements.  We will assess your current weight and body composition, i.e. your body’s fat percentage and hip to waist ratio, to calculate the weight loss to aim for and a safe timescale to achieve it in.

For the first week of the weight loss programme, you will complete a meal diary, which we will assess at our next meeting.  Changes to your diet will be discussed and new good habits introduced.

Your progress will be monitored each week, either as a separate appointment or following a personal training session and the programme will be amended and adapted as you see your weight falling.

Your activity levels will be a key factor in the success of the programme and whether you opt for some personal training sessions, or not, an activity and training plan will also be recommended as part of the programme.