Consultations with Helen can be carried out face to face, over the telephone, or both.  After which she recommends some simple fitness tests for her to gain a clear picture of your fitness level, likes and dislikes to exerciseHH Fitness training outdoors and an idea of the goals you are looking to achieve.  From this, she will work on a programme which will include additional exercise/training through the weeks as your “homework”.  (Training on your own during the week is important to the success of your training with Helen, if you are seeing her once a week, or less).

Where possible, training will take place outside, either in a public area or private garden, depending on your preferences.

HH Fitness is keen to promote that training sessions are individual hours tailored to you, your preferences and fitness level.  Helen will guide and instruct you on how to get the most out of each session, but the importance is your enjoyment and sense of achievement at the end of training.  Your preferences will be taken into account and sessions can be adapted at the last minute to factor in how you feel and severe weather conditions.

There are many different exercises available to try and sequences to push even the fittest athlete.  Helen uses a variety of equipment of different weight and resistance, but often finds that simple body weight exercises are the most effective, for building strength, power and range of movement.

Each training session will typically involve a balanced set of exercises, working cardio-vascularly (walking, running, skipping etc), strength training, core stability, balance and flexibility, to give a complete “all-body” workout.