“After not doing exercise for a while I contacted Helen to have weekly sessions to help me to get fit & to shed some weight.

Helen has introduced exercise to me that is fun, works for me & that I can also do when i’m at home. It’s great to have the motivation from Helen & to see results from the exercises I have been doing. Massive thanks Helen to get me to the point of enjoying exercise again! Hannah”— Hannah Isaacs, Kingswood, Bristol

“I contacted Helen to assist with the ongoing rehabilitation of a patient.  The patient had particular problems with weakness around his right hip and knee, as well as his core.  This affected his balance and co-ordination when walking, as well as carrying out more complex tasks such as stand-to-sit, picking something up from a low height, climbing stairs and getting on and off the floor.  He also experienced spasticity in his calf, which affected his ankle range of movement and therefore his ability to lift his foot and clear his toes off the ground when walking. Helen showed great enthusiasm to learn about his medical condition and how best to manage its specific complications.


After a three month programme, the patient is now able to walk comfortably, stand up and sit down with control, get on and off the floor with greater ease and climb stairs without holding onto a rail.  He is able to swim lengths of the swimming pool in front and back crawl, as well as breaststroke, and is able to carry things, meaning he is more confident to return to his work as a barman.


I have no doubt that the patient improved at a much quicker rate during the period of Helen’s involvement and this goes some way to prove that the work of a specialist physiotherapist can be complimented very well by that of an experienced personal trainer.  Helen’s personal enthusiasm and interest in learning more about a specific medical condition, undoubtedly made a difference to the effectiveness of our partnership and, for this reason, I would certainly choose to work with her again.” — Emma Wylie, Spinal Cord Injury Servcies Ltd

“Helen provides personal training to my own home which fits in with my busy working life, so is ideal.  She has devised a programme to suit my needs exactly, but which is also fun and enjoyable, and after only a month or so, I’m definitely noticing the difference in terms of general fitness and reducing waistline!  I would definitely recommend Helen’s services to anyone!.” — Helen Sutton, Bristol

“Working in Bristol for two months meant I wouldn’t be able to use my trusty weight set and boxing bag to keep fit at home. So finding a personal trainer seemed like the best option, and Helen seemed like the best one for me. I had also been out of action for the previous 2-3 months before seeing Helen, due to illness, so I really needed a good kick start back onto the fitness path. Helen has definitely helped me in that sense! After the first two weeks of training I noticed my body was starting to feel tighter, and I am back into a routine now of working out 3-4 times a week. Helen is also very tuned in to how you are feeling and asks you a lot about your fitness history, so she knows when to push you harder or when to take it a bit easier.” — Michelle Yeates, Australia

“Thanks for getting me ski-fit!! Really noticed the difference this year, stronger legs and much improved core strength gave me the confidence I needed to keep up with the rest of the group! I didn’t fall over once despite skiing harder and faster than previous years. On some of the more challenging runs I sometimes caught myself holding my breath but I had your voice in my head saying “remember to breathe!” which reminded me to relax and enjoy the exertion. Thanks again, looking forward to continuing to improve my fitness over the summer” — Lindsay Perks, Bristol

“Helen has given me the motivation to address my weight issues. She is an excellent teacher and she encourages me every step of the way. I always enjoy our sessions and look forward to each meeting.” — Sally Woolacott, Chippenham

“your sessions are challenging but very enjoyable……………….the element of individual support offered to trainee firefighters has allowed them to focus on their own areas of challenges has been particularly beneficial. Thank you for your efforts, they are clearly paying off”
— Maggie Hart, Director, Human Resources & People Development Avon Fire & Rescue Service 

“Helen tailored my exercise to what I wanted to achieve e.g. lose my belly and improve my fitness, so I could walk up two flights of stairs without feeling short of breath. At the beginning I couldn’t jog 5 minutes without stopping, after six sessions I can jog 1.6 miles in 17 minutes without stopping. I enjoyed the fact that we went outside most of the time, and by Helen coming to my house I’m more likely to continue now we have checked out the routes.”
— Abigail Wychard, Patchway 

“Helen makes every session both interesting and varied, each session includes a cardio session followed by weights, core and stretching session. Helen is always prompt and very accommodating if my work times change.”
— John Mainstone, Yate 

“Helen has been my personal trainer now for nearly four months and in that time I have lost countless inches and dropped two dress sizes !! When I met Helen my confidence was at an all time low. I was so unfit that walking short distances found me out of breath. I was also very conscious of other people seeing me, so we would go to quieter places with minimal people traffic. Helen’s sessions are always varied that I never know what to expect. We often find different ways to monitor my progress which has really worked to encourage me to keep going. I can’t say I have every liked exercise, but I do LOVE the results I am getting with Helen and she encourages and motivates me in a way I find really effective.”
— Kate Sell, Yate 

“I have attended gyms and gone swimming in the past, but found them boring. However since contacting Helen I have not looked back. With Helen, I make the commitment once a week to workout with her. The routine is varied and never boring and she challenges me each time by working me to my limit and pushing my fitness level. I cannot fault personal training, as the whole thing is centred around you and I would go on to say that the training sessions with Helen are very enjoyable.”
— Chris Procter, Coalpit Heath 

“A course of sessions with Helen really got me the results I wanted. I couldn’t believe how quickly I toned up and gained some fab healthy eating tips too. Having always hated exercise, I now really look forward to a session with Helen and couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone who wants quick and lasting results.”
— Emma Jane Erentz, Chipping Sodbury