I try to keep my pricing simple, fair and upfront.  The prices below are subject to travelling costs which are calculated based on distance and time of travel for your appointment.

Personal Fitness & Weight Loss Prices

  • Start-up PackageOpen or Close


    A Start-up Package begins with a consultation held in your own home.  We will discuss your current lifestyle, assess your goals, what motivates you and the best route to acheive your desired outcome.  Advice on lifestyle changes and exercise guidance is also offered.  Optional weighing, measuring and fitness testing is carried out at this same appointment.  2 x 1 hour training sessions then follow based on the information gathered at the first meeting.

  • Personal Training SessionsOpen or Close


    These sessions should be booked in blocks of 4 and will be valid for 3 months.  Part hour sessions are also available and travelling costs apply.  This price also includes any advise on exercise and diet required in-between appointments.  Discounts are available if booking a block of 8 sessions.

  • Weight Loss Management ProgrammeOpen or Close


    This programme includes a consultation; detailed diet and nutrition discussions; the Eat & Drink Well booklet; weighing and measuring; detailed assessment of completed food diary and recommendations following week 1, week 4, week 8 and week 12.

    £10 Weekly Monitor Meeting

    (or if this is following a personal training session, this appointment will be included FREE.)

Sports Massage Prices