Genuine couch potato to non-stop 5k run

September 17, 2014 By In See The Results 5 Comments

When I first met Helen in April 2014 I was a genuine couch potato, I couldn’t run for 20 seconds.  By August 2014 Helen had got me round the Chipping Sodbury 5k Park Run in under 35 minutes!!!  Her focused sessions are exactly what I needed to help me improve my running and overall fitness

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Life changing confidence to get fitter

September 17, 2014 By In See The Results 3 Comments

Helen has actually changed my life and given me confidence that I can get fitter.  I can now stand up straight for the first time in years and walk more than a few yards without stopping…..please read my story…. Some 5 years ago l was quite fit, swimming, doing aerobics and an avid gardener. I

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Mud, sweat and beers. From zero to Rock Solid

April 25, 2014 By In See The Results 3 Comments

I’m 36 years old and I hadn’t been for a jog in six years… I was sure I used to be fit and still thought I might be, but session 1 with Helen Howells proved otherwise.  It turns out my muscles had given up on me a long time ago.   My friends challenged me

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My Top 3 Training Plans

February 19, 2014 By In Blog 3 Comments

I am often asked about the training plans I prepare, and while each session is individual to a clients’ fitness, goals and preferences, there are a few basic plans that can easily be adapted for anyone.  Here are three examples that require minimal equipment and allows them to be adjusted to challenge you by the

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Marianne’s Story

October 16, 2013 By In See The Results 3 Comments

I first contacted Helen in May 2013. I had started running after Christmas in 2012 and was feeling that I wasn’t getting the progress I wanted. I had my first meeting with Helen and told her that I had booked myself onto a Race for Life in June as an incentive and that I was

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Hydration Facts & Tips – Are you drinking enough?

July 31, 2013 By In Blog No Comment

Hydration is one of the most fundamental processes in a healthy body, essential for digestion, absorption of nutrients, regulating body temperature and improving skin quality; energy levels and sleep patterns.   However, despite this, very few people who begin a fitness or weight management programme with HH Fitness are properly hydrated.   HH Fitness uses

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