Life changing confidence to get fitter

September 17, 2014 By In See The Results 3 Comments

Rose HH FitnessHelen has actually changed my life and given me confidence that I can get fitter.  I can now stand up straight for the first time in years and walk more than a few yards without stopping…..please read my story….

Some 5 years ago l was quite fit, swimming, doing aerobics and an avid gardener. I had my aches and pains as anyone would in their early 50’s and put it down to “old age” but in the main everything was fine; one day l woke up and could hardly walk, l had terrific pain in my right knee and couldn’t bear to put any weight on it at all; on seeing the doctor l could only put it down to the fact that l had been decorating and repetitively going up and down a ladder lead him to believe that l have pulled a ligament and he gave me some pain killers and off l went. Two months later l was hobbling around like an old lady and in desperation went to see a sports physio recommended by a friend and straight away he told my that l had torn my cartilage in my knee; he rang my doctor and arranged for me to go and see him.

On seeing my doctor he then referred me to physio; what a waste of time that was! It took over 2 weeks to be arranged and l was given an exercise sheet and sent away. 3 months later l was still in pain and went back to the doctor and eventually was given an MRI scan which showed that l had torn my cartilage badly and also showed signs of rheumatism, great! After a year l eventually had an appointment at the local hospital with a view to having an op on my knee to clean up the damage. However, l also have a hereditary heart condition and an operation was not recommended.

I was devastated; since l damaged my knee and all my weight was transferred to my other leg which resulted in my balance becoming all out of skew and l then developed pains in my good leg, then in my back etc. etc and without going on at length by Christmas 2013 l was hobbling around, constantly in pain and with limited ability to walk far at all.

It was in the New Year when l was walking past a shop window that l caught site of myself, l was hunched over unable to stand up straight and looked 20 years older than my 58 years of age. There were times where l couldn’t walk round the kitchen without holding onto the surfaces and had to go up and down stairs on my hands and knees. It was then that l knew l had to do something but l didn’t know what. The doctors and NHS had let me down badly and l didn’t know where to turn, l remembered the physio that had helped to diagnose me and thought about going to the gym but l didn’t look good in lycra!!!! and certainly didn’t fit into the size 8 apparitions of body beautiful that were portrayed on tv as being your normal gym members and thought l would be laughed off the premises.

I took to the internet and came across Helens website and decided to bite the bullet and left a message for her to contact me, this was the turning point.

Helen met with me at my home and l discussed my problems and she listened and then told me what she could do and warned me that it would take time and a lot of hard work but we could get there and she was confident that she could improve things; and so we started. Over the first few weeks it was painful and l didn’t know whether l would ever improve but Helen wouldn’t give up, even if l wanted to, and believe me there were plenty of times when l wanted to.

We are 6 months down the line now and a mixture of exercise, sports massage and encouragement has made all the difference, l can stand up straight for the first time in years, l can walk more than a few yards without having to stop, l am not in pain every day and in fact a couple of weeks ago l went for a walk and managed to walk a mile, this may not seem much to many but it was amazing to me. We have a long way to go but this little lady has actually changed my life and given me confidence that l can get fitter. Be warned though the saying no pain, no gain is true. However l am getting there and I can highly recommend her to anyone.

Rose Ashley-Rogers