My Top 3 Training Plans

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Poster picI am often asked about the training plans I prepare, and while each session is individual to a clients’ fitness, goals and preferences, there are a few basic plans that can easily be adapted for anyone.  Here are three examples that require minimal equipment and allows them to be adjusted to challenge you by the end of each set.

Progressive Repetition Sets

For this session, you require some space of 10 – 15 metres in length, with 2 cones or markers set out at that distance.  A list of exercises is made alternating from cardo-vascular, upper-body, legs and core areas of the body.  The exercises are taken one at a time.  A certain amount of repetitions is carried out at one marker, then jog to the other marker for the second set of repetitions of a greater number, then return to the first marker for the final third set of repetitions of a greater number again.  See below example:


No. of repetitions

Star   jumps(increasing   to jump jacks)





Punches(increasing   by using dumbbells)





Squats(increase   to add weight, such as dumbbells)





Abdominal   crunches(increasing   to full sit up)





You can make the list of exercises as long as you like.  I usually list around 12-14.  You can also change the number of repetitions depending on your fitness and the extra weight you might be using.  By increasing the number of repetitions on each set, you really start to feel the challenge as you work that bit harder.

There are many ways to tailor this to yourself.  Just make sure that the last few repetitions on the last set are really challenging (but without causing undue strain or injury).

1,000 reps

Another favourite of mine is 1,000 reps.  Yes you have read that right – 1,000 !  It sounds pretty crazy, but by choosing the right exercises you can achieve this as a workout session.

10 exercises are chosen, including cardio-vascular, upper-body, legs and core, for example:

  • Star jumps
  • Bicep curls
  • Squats146154819.4X7lI3UL.IMG_4235[1]
  • Oblique twist
  • High knee raises
  • Upright row
  • Lunges
  • Abdominal crunches
  • Skipping
  • Tricep extension



The aim is to complete 100 repetitions of each exercise, by splitting them into smaller chunks of 25 or 30 repetitions.  The whole session is timed, so at the end you can see how long it took to complete 1,000 reps and that will be your benchmark to improve upon for the next time.

20 second high intensity sets – Tabata

This style of training called Tabata works on high intensity exercise for short bursts of time followed by a shorter rest.  This could be done as running sprints, or fast cycling sets.  Alternatively, I take a couple of exercises and work them together in 20 second bursts with a 10 second rest.  For example:

  •  Squat and bicep curl; followed by punches

The first exercise of a squat and bicep curl is an effective upper and lower body exercise.  Do as many repetitions, with correct form, in 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds before carrying out as many punches in 20 seconds.  You can use dumbbells to increase the intensity further.

Repeat this 4 times, so that each pair will take 2 minutes.

Other pair examples are:

  •  Deadlift; followed by lunge
  • Squat thrust; followed by plank

Important note:

Please ensure that you warm up properly before you start any of these sessions and thoroughly stretch the muscles you have used when you have finished.

For further ideas and tips, please contact me.

Good luck and enjoy !