Fitness training when the weather is hot

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When the weather is hot and sunny, it can be difficult to keep up with your training plan.  It is rare for the UK to experience prolonged hot sunshine, so it’s not often a problem and a couple of days relaxing in the sunshine benefits us all.


However, during the current hot spell, HH Fitness is adapting training sessions to take account of the heat.  For example, training times have changed to early mornings or late evenings, high intensity running sets have been put back to a another day and many of the sessions, while it is hot, are focused on exercise sets in the shade of trees.  This alternative planning has been well received by HH Fitness clients (many with relief!) and so far, no appointments have been cancelled due to hot weather.   For one session last week, the footpaths and grass were replaced by a swimming pool and a good number of lengths were swum instead.  This was an excellent alternative on a particularly hot early evening.


Tips for training in hot weather:


Training when the weather is hot can continue if you take care.  Keep exercising to a moderate intensity, so to a point that you’re out of breath, but can still have a conversation between those breaths.   Consider changing some of your cardio-vascular training to focus more on slow and controlled resistance exercises, like squats, bicep curls, shoulder raises, chest presses, lunges and planks.  By slowing the exercise right down, you lose the momentum of the repetition when carried out at a quicker pace.  This puts more focus on the muscle group being used and in turn makes it work harder.  Slow the exercises down even more, by counting to 2 or 3 while you contract the muscle and the same while you return to your start point.  This slow movement of exercises helps build strength and control and is an excellent method to use in a shady place when the weather is hot.


Helen encourages all her clients to follow her lead and wear a cap to shield their eyes from the sun; keep well hydrated through the day; always carry some water with you when training and don’t forget the sunscreen.


However you train while it’s hot, take sensible precautions and make alternative plans if possible.  Whatever you do, enjoy the sunshine, while it lasts!


For more tips and ideas, contact Helen direct.

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