Hydration Facts & Tips – Are you drinking enough?

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Hydration is one of the most fundamental processes in a healthy body, essential for digestion, absorption of nutrients, regulating body temperature and improving skin quality; energy levels and sleep patterns.


However, despite this, very few people who begin a fitness or weight management programme with HH Fitness are properly hydrated.


HH Fitness uses electronic analysis scales to measure hydration levels.  In healthy adults; hydration levels for men should be between 60-65% and women should be between 50-55%.  Almost all people tested by HH Fitness report hydration levels of between 43-50%, however once this is known, it is something that can addressed and further testing has resulted in improved levels.


Guidance on how much you should drink varies and keeps changing, although most recommendations come back to the general 6-8 x 250ml of water a day.  Although this again varies according to an individual’s size, their activity levels, ambient temperatures and their diet.


HH fitness recommends drinking water, or diluted weak squash throughout the day and always carrying a water bottle with you.  The feeling of thirst or having a dry mouth are the first signs of the body needing more fluid, so use these first triggers as a natural indication to drink more.  Also, the sensation of thirst is often confused with hunger, so if you think you are hungry, it maybe that you are actually thirsty.


The other key indication of how well you are hydrated is the quantity and colour of your urine.  As a well hydrated person, you should be needing to wee 4-8 times a day and this should be a constant flow in order to empty the bladder.  The colour is also important.  See the below chart and try to maintain the top 3 shades:

 Tips on increasing your water intake


  • Always take a glass of water or squash to bed and drink it as you wake in the morning.
  • Always carry a water bottle or squash with you and have some in the car.
  • If you are a dehydrated, mix some apple or pear juice with water (1 part juice to 2 parts water).  The fructose in these juices helps to activate the body’s hydration mechanism.