Winning Golf Competitions

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John contacted HH Fitness to help boost his calorie burning to lose weight.  He had already started a prepared diet plan and wanted to shift a few stone in weight.  John use to play rugby in his late teens and early 20s, so Helen focused some of the training exercises to those found on the rugby pitch.  These brought back many memories for John and made his training more enjoyable.

John is also a keen golfer and regularly competes and travels to courses around the UK and abroad.  Improving his game was really important to him, so Helen built exercises into his sessions to strengthen his core, upper body and club swing movement.  Helen also gave John exercises to follow in preparation for matches and as a warm up for his joints and muscles.  Both John and his fellow golfing competitors noticed an improvement in his game and asked for his secret !  John is now fitter to participate in golfing tournaments and his improved strength in his golf swing has ensured stronger and longer shots.

Plus, John is carrying far less weight – so is winning all the way!